Single Piece Posters

PathPhoto Designed Single Piece Posters

To have us create your poster, just provide us with your basic idea as to layout, your text , and your images either on disk or as hard copy (for scanning). We will create for you a pleasing professional design. You will be given a small proof copy to approve. This proof displays the relative type, photos, graphics, and logos sizes along with their relative position. Our typographical errors will be corrected free of charge on the first proof only. You will be notified when your proof is ready. Once approved, we will print the final at actual size.
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Self Designed Posters

If you wish to design and layout your poster yourself, just create your document at the size of the final poster, unless you are limited by software constraints where you will want to create the document at one half the final size. We'll be able to double the size when we print it. Include all of your photos, logos, charts and graphs in your layout. We find that PowerPoint® is the most popular software and we can take it either on a PC or Macintosh platform. Other software is acceptable, but you'll want to check with us first just to make sure we can handle it. As with posters we design, we will print a proof before printing the final poster in case of any unforeseen problems.

To submit by email, please sent to the either of the following email addresses:, OR These email addresses are for our graphic artists, Rick Tracey and Sharon Blackburn. Once they receive your poster, they will analyze and print a proof. Please follow-up with a phone call at 410-995-3843 (5-3843) for further instructions.
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Sizes and Material

Although we can print standard sizes, we can also print non-standard sizes.The maximum shortest measurement we can print is 48 inches, but longest can be as large as 96 inches or beyond. Now you have a choice between our standard satin finish photo quality poster paper, or a poly-select lightweight fabric. Our quality fabric is suitable for folding and easy travel.
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Turn Around Time for Services

PathPhoto Designed Posters - 3 days
Self Designed Posters 1 day

Turnaround times will vary such as during peak periods, we may request a little longer to meet the demand. As with all work done in Path Photo, we will try to meet your deadline, if possible.
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